Ministers Academy

The Ministers’ Academy is a one year program designed to provide basic ministerial instruction for the newly called person to the field of ministry. This program includes a three-month internship rotation. The program is open to all ministers regardless of their level of ministry or ministerial development. The objective of this program is to prepare and equip ministers for service to the church community. This program is the pre-requisite for the Certificate of Ministry Development.


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Spring 2020 Registration Schedule

  • Registration Sunday (following service) Jan 12

  • Registration Sunday (following service) Jan 19

  • Registration Sunday (following service) Jan 26

  • Classes Begin Jan 27

Spring 2020 - BTBI Course Offerings

MN102 - Spiritual disciplines (6 Weeks)

Monday 6-8:30 PM - 1.5 credit hours

Emphasis is placed upon how maturity in Christ can be achieved through the disciplines of Bible reading, fasting, meditation and worship.

PT102 - How to study the bible (6 Weeks)

Monday 6-8:30 PM - 1.5 credit hours

This course is designed to teach the basic principles for effective Bible study.


CHE 221 – Teaching the Bible

Monday 6-8:30 pm - 3 credit hours

The principles and methods for teaching the Bible in the classroom, or children’s church will be applied, including observation, developing a series of Bible lessons, and teaching those lessons under the supervision of an experienced teacher, while utilizing a number of different teaching techniques.

BNT 112 - New Testament Survey I

Tuesday 6-8:30 pm - 3 credit hours

Students begin their path toward a comprehensive knowledge of the New Testament by exploring each New Testament book individually, highlighting the key passages and theology, as well as placing each book in its historical and cultural context. 


BNT 411 - Hebrews and the Priesthood of Christ

Tuesday 6-8:30 pm - 3 credit hours

A study in the Books of Leviticus and Hebrews. The course relates the fulfillment of the Old Testament Priesthood in the person of Jesus Christ. 

MIN 320 – Advanced Ministry Development for Excellence in Ministry 

Tuesday 6-8:30 pm - 3 credit hours

This is a continuing education course designed to strengthen ministry skills and gifts. Primary focus on hermeneutical skills and effective communication of the Gospel. (Recommended for all persons seeking Ordination.)



BNT 214  The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6 & 7)  

Monday 6-8:30 pm - 1.5 credit hours             

A study of Jesus’ teachings on life and conduct in the newly established Kingdom of God. This course answers frequently asked questions about the moral and ethical conduct of Christians: What is a Christian? Does the Law of God have application for the Christian in the 21st century? This course also examines Jesus’ model for prayer and methods for developing self-discipline.



Tuesday 6-8:30 PM - 3 credit hours

A study in the fundamental principles of the Apostolic Faith.  Attention is given to basic Bible overview and content.  Emphasis on the principal doctrines of the Bible offered through Aenon.  (Required course for licensure by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.)

LC 301 - ORDINATION COURSE (a two semester course)

Tuesday 6-8:30PM (Fall & Spring Semesters) 6 credit hours

Five components; Understanding People, Birth of the Spirit, Your Ministry of Evangelism, Christian Pastorate, and History of Pentecost.



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