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Bethesda Temple Bible Institute (BTBI) is open to all believers who are interested in learning more about the Word of God. Our mission is to provide committed and competent leadership for the Teaching ministry of the Church and to equip both the laity and ordained ministers to engage in a life long career of faithful, informed Christian Service.

Spring 2022 Schedule & Fees

January 24, 2022 – May 2, 2022​

  • Registration begins December 1, 2021.

  • All classes will be held via Zoom.

  • Classes begin the week of  January 24, 2022.

  • Late Registration ends January 31, 2022.

  • Ministers’ Academy Saturday Seminar

    • Classes begin Saturday, January 22, 2022

    • 10 am -12 pm CST 

    • Classes meet on 2nd & 4th Saturday each month

  • Spring Break: Week of March 7, 2022 

  • Final exams: Week of May 2, 2022

  • General Course Fee: $125.00

  • Registration Fee: $25.00 (per semester)

  • Ministers’ Academy Saturday Seminar Fee: $50.00 per semester

  • Graduation June 4, 2022

  • Graduation Fee: $50.00

  • Advanced Ministers Program: $200.00 per Session

  • Advanced Ministers Program Registration Fee: $50.00


SPRING 2022- BTBI Course Offerings


MA 100-Ministers' Academy        3 CR. HRS.
The Ministers’ Academy is a one-year program (two-semesters Fall/Spring). It is designed to provide foundational ministry instruction. It is open to all ministers regardless of their level of ministry or ministerial development. The objective of this program is to prepare and equip ministers for beginning service to the church community.    A certificate of completion is presented to the student at the end of the one-year program during the Summer Graduation.                                     Courses included in the Ministers’ Academy are:

Spring Semester:
Spiritual Discipline: 1.5 CR. HRS. Monday 6:00pm (6weeks)
How To Study The Bible: 1.5 CR. HRS. Monday 6:00pm (6weeks)

Ministry Seminar Class:  1.5 CR. HRS.   Saturday 10-12am (2nd & 4th Sat)



MN102 - SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES  (6 Weeks)        1.5 CR. HRS.   

Monday 6-8:30 pm

Emphasis is placed upon how maturity in Christ can be achieved through the disciplines of Bible reading, fasting, meditation, and worship.

PT102 - HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE (6 Weeks) 1.5 CR. HRS.

Monday 6-8:30 pm

This course is designed to teach the basic principles for effective Bible study.

BOT 111 – OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY I (Law & History)     3 CR. HRS.

Tuesday 6-8:30 pm

An introduction to the Law and History Books of the Old Testament. The course teaches the history of Israel from Genesis to Esther and examines God’s covenant with His chosen people, customs, and maps.

The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 & 6 & 7)

Monday 6-8:30 pm

A study of Jesus’ teachings on life and conduct in the newly established Kingdom of God. This course answers frequently asked questions about the moral and ethical conduct of Christians: What is a Christian? Does the Law of God have application for the Christian in the 21st century? This course also examines Jesus’ model for prayer and methods for developing self-discipline.


BNT 211 –The Book of Acts                                                 3 CR. HRS.

Monday 6-8:30pm

A study of the “Birth of the Church” and its development as outlined in the Book of
Acts.  A study of the ministry of the Holy Spirit as manifested in the 1st Century
Church.  Signs and wonders/Apostles teaching.   Application is made for the 21st
century Church.

CH 211 - CHURCH HISTORY I                                                3 CR. HRS.

Monday 6-8:30 pm

A study of the history of the Christian Church from its inception on the Day of Pentecost as recorded in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles through the time of the Reformation. It outlines the origin, nature, purpose, organizational structure, problems and progress of the church. ​​

BNT 416 – REVELATION,  “THE END TIMES”          3 CR. HRS.

Tuesday 6-8:30 pm

An in-depth study and examination of the last days as outlined by the Apostle John. Areas considered are passages from Old Testament prophetic books, the tribulation period, the return of the Jewish Nation, millennial age, and the final judgment. ​

ST 102 – Bible Doctrines                                                                3 CR. HRS.

Thursday 6-8:30 pm

This course introduces the basic doctrines of the Christian faith with an emphasis on the Scriptural foundation for each doctrine.

CHE 121 - CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Understanding Teaching         3 CR. HRS.

Thursday 6-8:30 pm

This course will help the student to understand the heart of a teacher and how God’s Word and His principles for life can be transmitted in such a way as to impact others. A Biblical foundation for teaching will be established as well as the practical and spiritual dynamics of effectively communicating Bible truths in a relevant manner.





Call the BTBI office to register for these courses (314-382-2606)

LC 201 – Ministerial Introduction Course                                3 CR. HRS.

Thursday 6-8:30PM

A study in the fundamental principles of the Apostolic Faith.  Attention is given to basic Bible overview and content.  Emphasis on the principal doctrines of the Bible.  (Required course for licensure by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.)


LC 301 – Ordination Preparation Course                6 CR. HRS. (FALL & SPRING SEMESTERS)

Thursday 6-8:30PM 

Two (2) semesters - Five components: Understanding People, Birth of the Spirit, Your Ministry of Evangelism, Christian Pastorate, and History of Pentecost. (Required course for Ordination with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.) 




Advanced Classes, Workshops & Seminars

Thursday 6-9:00 pm

January 2022 to December 2022 

Zoom Classes 

Course Fee $200.00 (per session Spring & Fall)

Course Fee $100 (Summer Session)
Registration Fee: $50.00 (per session)
Coordinator/Instructor: Dr. Lawrence Morganfield III

The Bethesda Temple Bible Institute is committed to having clergy who are life-long learners. We believe that the life of a clergy person is a spiritual journey of renewal and excellence in Jesus Christ. The responsibility of a clergy person is to continue in study beyond the educational requirements for his/her clergy status and to demonstrate growth in professional competence and effectiveness.


This life-long learning is threefold: 

  • Spiritual Formation is the intentional pursuit of the nourishment and renewal of one’s relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and the use of spiritual disciplines.

  • Professional Development is the intentional growth of professional identity and the skills utilized in ministry that will enhance the effectiveness and excellence of the clergy person.

  • Practical Theology is the academic discipline that examines and reflects on religious practices in order to understand the theology enacted in those practices and in order to consider how theological theory and theological practices can be more fully aligned, changed, or improved.

Spring Session 2022 3 CR. HRS

January -May

Classes begin January 24th

MN 360 Advanced Ministry Development                              

History and Theology  (1st 8 weeks) 

  • Theological Foundations in Practical Perspective (Systematic Theology)

  • Great Themes of the Bible (i.e. Creation, Eschatology, Sin and Forgiveness, The Kingdom of God)

  • Christology – The Life of Christ

  • The Gospels and Acts

  • The Theology of the Cross

  • Paul and his letters

Proclamation and Worship (2nd 8 weeks) 

  • From Text to Sermon (A class on combining the integration of exegesis and homiletics) 

  • Christ-Centered Preaching (A class on sermon preparation and delivery principles)

  • Preachers and Preaching: Homiletical Theories and Methods

  • Biblical Hermeneutics and Criticism

Summer Session 2022  (8 weeks) 1 CR. HRS 


Classes begin June 16th

MN 361 New Testament: Biblical Theology                              

  • The Gospels and Acts

  • Paul and his Letters


Fall Session 2022         3 CR. HRS.


Classes begin September 12th

MN 360-1 Advanced Ministry Development                              

Faith Formation     (1st 8 weeks)    

  • Dynamics of the spiritual life: 

  • Experiencing God in the here and now (a class on the spiritual disciplines)

  • The moral dimension of the Christian life (a class on Christian ethics)


Servant Leadership  (2nd 8 weeks)     

  • The Leadership Style of Jesus Christ

  • Leadership for Ministry